Day of the March

The Day before the Chicano National Moratorium organizers of the Chicano Moratorium Committee held a press rally to declare the reasons why they wanted to hold the Moratorium: To condemn the war in Vietnam and the genocide of community members at the hands of Police

Rosalio Muñoz was the first (and regretably only) speaker at the Chicano National Moratorium rally at Laguna Park.

You can hear the exact moment that police begin to enter the park in mass numbers as organizers try to deescalate the situation.


LASD officers after the confrontation with protesters during the National Chicano Moratorium at Laguna Park

Sherrifs deputies and police officers launched tear gas missiles into the crowd to cause them to disperse. The set-up of the event did not allow for the crowds to escape and hundreds were injured in the chaos that transpired. People ran into neighboring streets, with marchers running for refuge in strangers’ homes; local residents helped water down protestors who had been tear-gased while several local stores refused to sell water to folks who had been hit by the crossfire. In response to the violence, rioting erupted along Whittier Boulevard, where storefront windows and displaces were destroyed. Buildings and trashcans were set on fire and some demonstrators began to throw rocks and bottles   at the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies and Los Angeles police officers in riot gear who numbered in the thousands.

Two young Brown Berets, Lynn Ward and Angel Diaz were murdered in the chaos that ensued. Lynn was hurt by a rogue explosive that launched her into a torterilla. Ruben Salazar, acclaimed columnist from the LA Times and reporter for Spanish News media KMEX was shot by a tear gas canister through the window of a local bar.  Two hundred people were arrested and $1 million in damages was reported

Day of the March