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¡El Grito Para La Igualdad!/The Cry for Equality!


¡El Grito Para La Igualdad!/The Cry for Equality!: Young Chicanas/os participation in the Brown Berets Organization and their Community Action against Racial, Social, and Gender Disparities, is an exhibit that focuses on a Pro-Chicano youth activist organization, the Brown Berets, whose efforts and campaigns took place in the context of the Chicano Movement. This project aims to showcase the Los Angeles Brown Berets through an examination of the  policies and strategies used by the organization to unite the Chicano public. The general goal is to distinguish the Brown Berets from other political organizations messages, tactics, and members. However, the specific objective is to present young Chicanas roles within the movement and how they navigated the patriarchy within the Brown Berets organization. 

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