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Demonstrators move away from LA County Sheriff deputies in Laguna Park. Crowds are gathered at the basketball court and the perimeter of the park.

Los Angeles County officers scattered across Laguna Park as three people who had documented the Chicano Moratorium demonstration. Trash was scattered across the park.

Two Los Angeles County Sheriffs tightly held their batons at the Chicano Moratorium at Laguna Park. Several police cars parked in the background while a line of officers stand on the perimeter of the park.

The National Chicano Moratorium crowd fills up a residential street as they march towards Whittier Boulevard.

No cars parked on the street except for the firetruck that is in use. Two people viewing the scene from the roof on the left-hand side. While people gathered on two street corners watch the fire being put out.

A man crossing the street looking towards the firemen and policemen in the background. Two cars parked on the left-hand corner. A crowd of people gathered on the sidewalk looking at firemen hosing down the building on fire.
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