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Young man holding sign "Mexico! Defiende a tu Raza! Pidele a Ordaz la libertad de los estudiantes presos desde October 3, 1968, en Lecumberri" within marching crowd at National Chicano Moratorium.

Demonstrators gathering at intersection in front of Standard Station.

In crowd of demonstrators marching past Standard Station, man with mexican flag, man and child on motorcycle, and filmographer with camera, center frame.

Man, in short sleeve shirt and tie with jacket over his left shoulder, stands frame center, walking through demonstrator crowd. In the background image left there is a pick up truck with photographers and background image irght is Standard Station.

Demonstrators marchi with Nationa Chicano Mortorium August 29 banner (marching left to right). Police vehicle forefront of image right, bottom corner. Standard Station and Brandy's Coffee Shop in the background, image top right.
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