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Recorded statements about Person Dead-Riot
Transcripts of tape recorded statements of what occurred at the Silver Dollar.

Transcript of tape recorded interview conducted 8/31/1970.

Closing statements during Channel 34 Press Conference.

Statements from various witnesses.

Office correspondence between Detective Division and Assistant Sheriff about Inquest into the death Ruben Salazar.

Unknown written notes.

A detailed draft of Salazar's Death

Office correspondence between Administrative Services Bureau and Administrative Division about Coroner's inquest.

Office correspondence between Detective Division and Assistant Sheriff about Inspector Sherman Block's report.

Office Correspondence between Detective Division and Assistant Sheriff about reports supplied to U.S. Attorney Meyers.

Office Correspondence between Detective Division and Assistant Sheriff about conclusion of Salazar Inquest. Index and supplementary reports.

Contact information for Channel 2 KNXT, Channel 4 KNBC, and Channel 5 KTLA

A full report describing the incident that led to Ruben Salazar's death at the Silver Dollar Bar on Whittier Blvd. Details of the autopsy of Ruben Salazar indicted tear gas projectile instantaneously killed him at the scene.

A photograph on the left shows people of the United Farm Workers Organizing committee holding signs to protest for the rights of farmworkers.


A map of East Los Angeles on the cover of La Raza displays the divided sections indicating how it was physically divided by freeways.

A photograph on the cover of La Raza shows the Pre-El Paso hearing in Malibu which 200 Mexican-Americans attended.

Two lists of complaints about the quality of the buildings at Garfield High School and Los niños and bad education students received. A student mounted a sign on the school fence that states "white directors use Uncle Toms to destroy community".


La Raza cover includes images of students protesting for quality education. Signs describe the injustices that Chicanos face in schools and how they're fed up with bad education.




Photographs from the Convention of the Congress of Mexican-American Unity held at Roosevelt High School.

The cover of La Raza contains images from the East LA Blowouts and a political cartoon in reference to the student protests.

Cover of La Raza contains information for a rally at Will Rogers State Park. The cover image contains protestors holding National Farm Workers Association signs and the American Flag.

La Raza cover focused on the event that La Raza staff and editor were arrested under charges of conspiring to disturb the peace. Images of protestors and their signs like Viva Moctezuma Esparza on the far left.

Cover of La Raza contains imagery of a farmer harvesting corn. Rats on the lower half of the image carry a cob of corn.

The cover of La Raza contains a group of Mexican soldiers marching with a solider leading the group on a horse.

La Raza logo on the top left corner. An illustration of a man from the barrio wearing shades, a hat, and a trench coat.

La Raza Yearbook cover is an eagle with a serpent in its mouth. September 1968 periodical publication.

Intro1 master, 03_gr-chicano_moratorium.jpg
National Chicano Moratorium gathered more than 30,000 activists, students, families, and their children to the march down Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles, August 29, 1970.

Group of individuals walking arm in arm at the Chicano Moratorium march.

Young boy, in a black poncho and white sombrero hanging from his neck, sits on his father's or male figure's shoulders, as boy and adult hold a megaphone together. They are in the crowd at the Chicano Moratorium in East Los Angeles.

A smiling woman dressed in a colorful shirt and pants holds a child in her left arm, with her right fist raised, as she marches in the National Chicano Moratorium demonstration in East Los Angeles on August 29, 1970.

VietnamAsia1 master, 636398091342952994-AXX-VIETNAM-CHOPPERS-FORUM.jpg
American soldiers are dropped off by U.S. Army helicopters to join South Vietnamese ground troops to advance in an attack on a Viet Cong camp 18 miles north of Tay Ninh, northwest of Saigon near the Cambodian border, in March 1965 during the Vietnam…

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