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Protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard during the National Chicano Moratorium.

Richard Cruz, leader of Catolicos Por La Raza, speaks to protesters at a demonstration against police brutality in front of the LASD East Los Angeles Station.

Four Brown Berets leaders, Fred Lopez, David Sanchez, Carlos Montes and Ralph Ramirez in Los Angeles, Calif., 1968

Romero memorializes Rubén Salazar, a Los Angeles Times journalist and key chronicler of the Chicano civil rights movement. After covering the Chicano Moratorium of 1970, an anti-Vietnam War demonstration, Salazar stopped at the Silver Dollar Café in…

Original book cover for Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales' epic poem, I Am Joaquin, published in 1969.

Group of individuals walking arm in arm at the Chicano Moratorium march.

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National Chicano Moratorium gathered more than 30,000 activists, students, families, and their children to the march down Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles, August 29, 1970.
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