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Image of a group of Brown Berets at a protest

Section taken from La Causa newspaper on the Brown Berets Ten Point Program

A page from the Brown Berets newspaper, La Causa, on the Brown Berets free medical clinic.

Image of female Brown Berets

Civil-Rights10 master, LAPL.jpg
Nearly two full years before the walkouts, eighteen demonstrators picketed in front of Lincoln High School in 1966 to protest against the lack of counseling services and educational opportunities for Latino students.

Rosalio Muñoz makes a statement to the press outside the U.S. Armed Forces Office after he refuses induction and the draft to the Vietnam War, Los Angeles, September 16, 1969.

La Raza Yearbook cover is an eagle with a serpent in its mouth. September 1968 periodical publication.

La Raza logo on the top left corner. An illustration of a man from the barrio wearing shades, a hat, and a trench coat.

The cover of La Raza contains a group of Mexican soldiers marching with a solider leading the group on a horse.

Cover of La Raza contains imagery of a farmer harvesting corn. Rats on the lower half of the image carry a cob of corn.

La Raza cover focused on the event that La Raza staff and editor were arrested under charges of conspiring to disturb the peace. Images of protestors and their signs like Viva Moctezuma Esparza on the far left.

Cover of La Raza contains information for a rally at Will Rogers State Park. The cover image contains protestors holding National Farm Workers Association signs and the American Flag.

The cover of La Raza contains images from the East LA Blowouts and a political cartoon in reference to the student protests.

Photographs from the Convention of the Congress of Mexican-American Unity held at Roosevelt High School.




La Raza cover includes images of students protesting for quality education. Signs describe the injustices that Chicanos face in schools and how they're fed up with bad education.


Two lists of complaints about the quality of the buildings at Garfield High School and Los niños and bad education students received. A student mounted a sign on the school fence that states "white directors use Uncle Toms to destroy community".

A photograph on the cover of La Raza shows the Pre-El Paso hearing in Malibu which 200 Mexican-Americans attended.

A map of East Los Angeles on the cover of La Raza displays the divided sections indicating how it was physically divided by freeways.


Female Brown Beret holding a banner with her right arm across her chest.

A member of the Brown Beret standing with a member of the Black Panther Party on steps in front of and leading up to the Alameda Courthouse, 1968.

This image is of the first Chicano Moratorium protest, in East Los Angeles, on December 20, 1969. It was organized by the National Brown Beret Organization. It was advertised in Volume 1, Number 1 of the La Raza Magazine. People in the image include…

Photograph of El Barrio Free Clinic poster.

Original book cover for Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales' epic poem, I Am Joaquin, published in 1969.

logo_UCLA_blue_boxed 1x1.png
The official logo for UCLA campus from UCLA Strategic and Communications branding.

logo orange cmyk 1x1.jpg
The official logo for the Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


Civil-Rights9 master, Chavez_Photo.png
This photograph was taken on December 19, 1969 outside of a Safeway supermarket in Seattle, Washington. Chavez is the central figure in the photo: the man in a plaid jacket holding the “Don’t Buy California Grapes” sign. A strike by workers and a…

Protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard during the National Chicano Moratorium.

Protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard during the National Chicano Moratorium.

Protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard hold protest signs that read "MAYO," "The People's Resolution Is The Tax-Payer's Solution," and "La Raza Nueva" during the National Chicano Moratorium.

Protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard during the National Chicano Moratorium.

Young protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard during the National Chicano Moratorium.

Protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard during the National Chicano Moratorium.

Protesters marching on Whittier Boulevard hold a banner that reads "Chicano Law Students Association" during the National Chicano Moratorium.
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